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At Knights Guitars we have always taken a great pride in our work. We've worked for all sorts of people, professonals and amatuers alike with one thing in common a love of the guitar. Below are just some of the feedback we have recieved.


When asked for his opinion of knight guitars pete said "I smash them into a thousand pieces, knight guitars put them back together again and make them play."

- Pete Townshend (The Who) December 2005


"Thanks to gordon (knight guitars) for all your expert repairs."

- Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)


"1970, my first encounter with a Knight Archtop Guitar. the quality of the workmanship, the woods, the finish and most of all the rich warm acoustic sound. I personally own eight guitars and I am proud to say five of them are Knight Archtop Guitars. Keep up the good work. Gordon and Rob/Guitar Makers "

- Ray Streeter (Guitar Enthusiast and Player)


"As we are the only vintage Gretsch specialist in the country it is difficult to find someone experienced enough to perform restorations and repairs on original Gretsch guitars. Gordon and Rob have performed miracles on original Gretsch White Falcons and 6120's from the 1950's with unparalleled accuracy. They have also done some of the best custom work for myself and my demanding Gretsch fanatic customers.

PS. The big blonde Double Bass that you did for me looks great"

- Pete Johnson (www.coolandclassicguitars.co.uk and Guitarist in the Krazy Kats)


" The first guitar I had was a Hoyer archtop and I have had many Gibsons over the years. I now have five Knight archtops, I can take any one out of its case and it will give me sound I want, nice smooth action, easy to play. The workmanship is topclass."

- Barrie Glendinning (Guitarist)


Below is a testimonial from Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitarist)

Andy Fairweather-low testimonial


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